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Sino-Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company who providing turnkey project, engineering consulting, equipment supply, technical R&D, customer service. Our focus and expertise are the extraction of starch, starch sweeteners engineering, protein engineering technology equipment, crushing equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, powder drying equipment, automation control system etc.

Sino-Food Technology Co., Ltd. is providing all types of starch. Starch sweeteners manufacturing companies with engineering consulting and design, the most comprehensive business marketing, import and export business, as well as installation, training and service, and is responsible for marketing and promotion of all products of Sino-Food Machinery, responsible for international business of food technology and related machinery and equipment. Business scope covered food, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical and automatic control system integration.

Sino-Food Machinery Co. Ltd. is professional food machinery and equipment manufacturer. The company is Sino-Food Machinery's product R &D center and production base.

Hubei Huijuxiang Bioengineering Co. Ltd. own starch sweeteners bioengineering technology and provide customer with professional starch sweeteners project consulting, processing and project design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and training.

Hubei Wishing trade Co. Ltd. locates in Dongting-jianghan plain. The company are green product wholesales agency and distributer, and the major product include sweet potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, starch vermicelli, oil, flavoring, nuts and so on.

"Provide high quality products" is the goal that we've been pursuing since Sino-Food Machinery was founded. "Better quality, higher yield, lower energy consumption & easier operation" is the consistent target of Sino-Food Machinery. Under the technology support of European partner Danish Potato Processing ApS(DPP), Sino-Food Machinery is keeping pace with European's latest technology. The establishment of the R&D Center and the manufacture factory in Jingzhou, Hubei ensure the latest technology can be properly applied based on client’s actual condition, which keeping our clients a more competitive position in the market.

We have established a technical service and project managerial team characterize with experienced and persevering, enable us to offer comprehensive starch processing engineering solutions for our customers.

 Excellent project planning, investment analysising, engineering consulting, production management, marketing support services team;

Top-ranking engineers such as process engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and quality control engineers;

Professional onsite management, installation and commissioning, staff training and after-sales service team.

Comprehensives cooperation with China Environmental Science Research Institute National Cleaner Production Center in Tuber Starch Processing Technology, make series of our company tuber starch production line of clean production level has reached the international leading position.  

Strategic cooperation with Guangxi University Chemical Industry Research Institute of Starch makes our company leading level in the world of cassava and downstream products of research and development, technology and equipment industry.

Outstanding project achievement and outlasted technical accumulation achieve the leading core technology of Sino-Food Machinery and are on behalf of the China starch machinery industry standard and benchmarking.





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