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Belt filter press

The main technical performance advantages:

1. Reasonably complete set of advanced technology and equipment of dehydration

Filter shear extrusion dehydration, pressure roller dehydrated cake discharge and collection, continuous and reliable operation etc, try to do every aspect of quality assurance and the industry leader.

2. Large capacity, good effect, high yield cake

Mainframe advanced and reasonable structure and layout design, combined with special maturing process, larger treatment than normal dewatering equipment.

3. Low cake moisture content

Lower the moisture content of the cake and reached minimum mechanical dewatering.

4. stable and reliable mechanical properties, can protect 24 hours of continuous automatic operation of production, the main drive gear motor using domestic brand cycloid reducer, use the frequency, adjust the speed control, torque and smooth operation.

5. Screen auto-correction system is sensitive, reliable, durable correction filter automatic tracking system to ensure the stable operation of the filter on and extend the service life of the filter and prevent the filter wandering, playing trends.

6. Automatic filter cleaning effect, ensure continuous water permeability filter screen. No clogging, easy cleaning nozzle, making little water consumption; the filter is clean, thorough.

7. Using the large loading capacity of double cylindrical roller bearings and waterproof, dustproof bearing seat. Roller bearing carrier using the double cylindrical roller bearings and waterproof, dustproof, and given as a support bearing.

8. All the rollers with thick GB seamless and outsourcing of high quality and corrosion-resistant natural rubber.

9. Using high-strength polymer polyester mesh, use different filter characteristics based on the amount of slag, the machine uses high strength, good permeability, clogging, dense and smooth surface, solid high recovery rate, easy to clean, the cake is easy stripping quality filter.

10. Easy to operation and maintenance

The machine structure is designed to give full consideration to the operation and maintenance of the user's convenience, ease of maintenance, and the use of advanced structural very reasonable layout.


The main technical parameters and performance indicators:

Potato pulp processing capacity: 9.5m3 / h

Dehydrated of potato and cassava pulp, gas consumption: 0.1-0 .3 m3 / h

Host power: 3KW

Water pressure: 0.3-0 .55 MPa

Host Dimensions: 4000 × 3400 × 1850

Correction filter belt tension and pressure: 0.3-0 .6 MPa

Weight: 4500 Kg

Cake moisture content: 65% -70%

Filter with effective width: 2000mm

Water consumption: 12m3 / h

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