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Potato starch processing line

Leading potato starch processing technology and equipment;

Possess experienced project management, equipment installation and technical service team. Provide technical expertise for China's national conditions, technical services, technical training and spare parts;

Technology Advantage

High efficiency, high yield starch, high product quality

Operational Simplicity

Minimum of water and power consumption

Equipment Advantage

Good performance, high efficiency

Stainless steel construction

High level machining, equipment manufacturing excellence

Reliable, durable

Low maintenance, simple operation

Pumps, motors, piping and instrumentation installed on the same integrated frame

Closed system, easy to clean and CIP

Fully communicate with the user to provide the best engineering design and facility layout

Short installation time

Good supervision, commissioning and assistance

Short test time and reliable, from the outset, to produce quality products

Good training, after-sales service and spare parts supply

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