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Cassava starch processing line

Advanced Technology and comprehensive solutions

  Cassava starch production line adopts a full set of advanced and mature Europe technology, combined with equipment manufactured in the China in accordance with European standards, enabling the production to achieve the most cost effective;

  Fully enclosed device, modular structure, compact layout and greatly reduced installation time;

  Optimized core technology originates in Europe;

  Rasper using British COOPER bearing, the world's only brand can provide heavy load bearing to ensure under high-speed and load stable running;

  De-sanding cyclone uses the unique water separation system to guarantee the discharge and not leaking starch;

  Hydrocyclone optimized various processes, completely replaced the disc separator, concentrated and washing better.

  Variable Flash dryer duct system reduce to almost 30% steam consumption of present China level;

  Reduces operating costs even more of the users;

  Control system is reliable, capable and stable, continuous production of quality products, and customers can make demands for a variety of different from automatic to semi-automatic control system;

  Equipment manufacturing level is close to the European, local even exceeds the level of the existing equipment in Europe.

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