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Protein recovery system

Water isolated from the potato Cells is called potato cell sap water, potato cell sap water accounts for about 4-6 % solids, where the nitrogen-containing compound comprises 1.6-2.1 %, and the nitrogen-containing composition is 50% protein. Potato protein is the main components of the dry matter of potato cells sap water. Solid of cell sap contains a lot of superior grade potato protein. Typically 65% of the cell protein solution in water is recovered in this stage.

As production wastewater containing protein, so it is easy to produce large amounts of foam; If not promptly treated wastewater effluent containing proteins will stink, direct emissions may cause environmental pollution.

In potato starch processing plant, potato cell which contains soluble protein and insoluble protein, comes from overflow of multistage cyclones. Soluble protein can be recovery from our special flocculation technology.

First, according to the principle of lowest protein solubility at isoelectric point can be part of a protein precipitate. Therefore, adding a certain amount of hydrochloric acid solution in the potato cells, the pH of the solution was adjusted to the isoelectric point of the protein , and some protein will precipitate at isoelectric point.

Because of different proteins have different isoelectric points, so you can’t rely on isoelectric precipitation. After protein precipitation section, we use the method of thermal coagulation of proteins in solution extracted proteins continue to achieve the maximum degree of extraction of proteins.

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