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Vermicelli processing line

Our company newly developed product line of high-end vermicelli which absorbed production technology of vermicelli in Japan and Taiwan, using extrusion pasting, freezing, continuous automatic drying process, and material contact parts made of stainless steel manufacturing. The advantages of the production line is low investment, high-volume, good product quality, high degree of automation, simple health and safety, easy operation and maintenance. Low investment, equipment investment is 1/2 Taiwanese equipment of the same production line; high-volume, a production line per hour can produce 300-500 kg of finished vermicelli, which is 6-10 times that of China domestic production lines, enabling large-scale production; quality well, the vermicelli even more crystal clear, soft and delicious, boil-resisting and rehydration good products produced can fully meet export quality and hygiene standards.

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