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200 ton/day cassava / tapioca starch processing line

Guangxi Anning Starch factory located in the commercial city Wuming Luo Bo, is engaged in cassava starch and modifiedstarch production and sales of private joint-stock enterprises with the "Anning" brand tapioca starch and modified starch is excellent and stable quality to win customers, product selling more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide.

In 2013 under the Ministry of Environmental Protection in cleaner production centers guidance and support of Guangxi Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency, this company carried out the introduction of advanced production technology industry on existing cassava starch production technology and equipment upgraded.

We were fortunate enough to become a major equipment supplier for the project, and under the guidance of national cleaner production centers in the original European advanced starch processing technology, based on a lot optimizeddesign, the final process equipment achieved national cleaner production centers on energy saving, emission reduction requirements.

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