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Sino-Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has established a technical service and project managerial team characterize with experienced and persevering. We own a team with excellent project planning, investment analysising, engineering consulting, production management, marketing support services; top-ranking engineers such as process engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and quality control engineers; out-standing onsite management, installation and commissioning, staff training and after-sales service, all of these enable us to offering comprehensive starch processing engineering solutions for our customers.

Starch project


all kinds of tuber starch (potato, cassava and sweet potato), corn, wheat, peas, cannas, Kudzu root, konjac starch, etc.

Cassava starch factory protein recovery technology

Cassava pulp multipurpose use technology 

The professional teams of Sino-Food Machinery Co., Ltd. not only provide customers with full-scale services but we also provide special value-added services according to the needs of different clients.

Plant supervision and quality control

Onsite spare and accessory parts supply planning

Product international marketing service

Raw material base construction proposal

Project financing and joint venture cooperation



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