Modified Starch Production Line

Native starch is a natural biological product, which is extracted and refined from plants like potato, tapioca/cassava, corn or wheat. Those native starches have already different properties which qualify them for different applications. The native starch is usually not used in native form. For example, starch is not soluble in water and therefore requires a special cooking. Or in a certain food application it requires a special taste or texture, which for special agents and ingredients are added and the mixture is heated and stirred. Based on these starches are used in various applications from industrial use (like glues, textile sizing agent) or in food for glucose/fructose as sweetener or food ingredients (like for noodles or soups).

Type of raw material:

Potato starch, tapioca starch, corn starch, etc.

Type of modified starch:

Esters, crosslinks, oxidized, cationic, ethers, etc.


Annually 10 – 100 thousand tons


Keep same level with European supplier (wet processing)

Control system similar with European made

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