Rasper: High yield milling performance
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  • Rasper is widely used in tuber starch processing industry for rasping tuber materials. It’s made of stainless steel. The rotor adopts special stainless steel and hundreds of special designed 1.25mmthickness double side saw blades are installed on it. The saw blade is clamped between the two conical plate by the pin fixed, installed plug conical grooves in the rotor for quick replacement.

    This machine integrates the advantages of domestic and international product, novel design, compact structure, high speed (line speed rotor about 100 m / s, i.e. the relative speed of 2200 rev / min), the material rasping fine, uniform particles, free starch high extraction rate, It’s the achievements of Sino-Food Machinery cooperate with the international advanced technology.


     Lower energy consumption.

     The thickness of the file is 1.25mm which ensures a longer lifespan.

     All in stainless steel execution, reasonable structure and free maintenance.

     New design of bearings and bearing chamber to avoid debris entering the bearing, effectively ensure the life and performance.

     Easier operation of taking out of the sieve plate and block, easy operation.

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