Germ cyclone
  • Germ cyclone is mainly used for the separation of crop germ, including corn, wheat, beans and so on. In the process of corn starch production, the germ is separated by swirling flow under certain pressure after crushing to achieve the purpose of extracting germ. It is an ideal equipment to improve the yield of starch and germ. In order to meet different processing requirements, the number of cyclone tubes can be changed. The equipment features simple structure, advanced design, exquisite material, durable, stable in operation and good in performance. It is an ideal choice for corn starch and other production enterprises.

    The equipment is mainly composed of bracket, cyclone pipe, feed pipe and discharge pipe.

    Working principle

    The germ of maize was in free state after crushing. The crushed material enters the swirl tube by tangential direction from the inlet and outlet for rotary motion under certain pressure. Due to the different proportion of germ and other parts, under the action of centrifugal force, free germ overflows from overflow outlet, and other materials are discharged from the lower outlet.


    1Corn Processing   Capacityt/h1.5-23.0-4.04.5-6.06.0-8.05.0-6.010.0-12.015.0-18.020.0-24.0
    2Cylinder Diametermm125125125125225225225225Material: PA
    3Cone Heightmm450450450450850850850850Material: PA
    4Feed pressureMpa0.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.550.45-0.55

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