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Message from board Chairman

Nowadays, all enterprises take "value maximization" as their highest goal. However, the "value maximization" has congenital defects towards the responsibility of the enterprises and the customer. An enterprise which takes "value maximization" as their highest goal will not be able to take quality as the forerunners, let alone to the interests of customers as the first duty. Moreover, the so-called "value maximization" is nothing, but profit. It's the beauty protection of mercenary, and may eventually become the excuses of cheating on labor and materials, or even to be treachery. In the period that domestic machinery manufacturing has big gap with world level, and "Made in China" became the label of poor quality products, the "value maximization" is held in contempt by us.


Sino-Food Machinery Co., Ltd. keeps "quality optimization" as our core thoughts. We have background of long partnership with foreign counterparts and have confidence in world market. We regard the quality as our dignity, and always stick to defend it. We firmly believe that this faith will finally achieve win-win between us and clients in the industry.